In a nutshell

Yes, it is potentially scalable. Here are some examples:

One way of scaling up is to expand the approach to include larger and larger geographic units. For example, you could move from an individual community or group of communities to a municipal district or province, inviting different agencies and the government to join you in supporting a community-led approaches. This would need to be accompanied by significant capacity building to ensure that different partners have the skills needed to use this approach and that government stakeholders are supportive. After several districts have done this, helping you to learn some key lessons, you could move over the next few years to the regional or national level.
If significant numbers of international and national NGOs are already working in your area, you could also scale up could by encouraging them adopt to a community-led approach.
Of course communities, too, can help to take the approach to scale. In countries such as Sierra Leone and Kenya, communities that used a community-led approach told other neighboring communities about their experience, and this sparked a demand to also learn from and use this process.

These and other possibilities do still need to be tested more fully, possibly using an implementation research approach.

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